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I set out in April of this year to use this website as a platform to reach out to church musicians.  As I’ve progressed, I’ve focused my content on leading church music ministries.

But, as I’ve continued to write, more than just music pastors have been attracted to this site.  I’ve experienced a big boost this week in readers, and I know I have a lot of readers who are not music pastors.

I love church music, and I want to help church musicians.

When I first started, I felt like I was speaking into an empty room.  Now, I suspect I may be speaking to people who aren’t in the room, ignoring those who are.

So, to better understand you and to help me better understand where to take things moving forward, I am asking you to take 3 minutes to fill out this 10 question reader survey.  

If you will give me open feedback, it will help me know how to better serve you.

You can take the survey at this link.

Thanks in advance for your help!