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Life in the 21st century is anything but quiet. We race from one activity to the next, barely stopping to catch our breath. Noise is constantly going on around us. From the noise of cars rushing down the highway, to the sound of the busy shoppers in the mall, to the constant hum of electronic devices, America is truly a noisy place.

This noise is nothing new. In Bible times, the sounds were different, but the presence of the noise was real just the same. When Jesus came to earth, every person in the Roman empire, including each person in the small country of Israel, was traveling to his place of origin to be counted as a member of the empire. Bethlehem was a noisy city, full of activity. When Mary and Joseph came to the busy town, they were turned away from an overcrowded inn. That time was a noisy time.

Why did some in that day notice the wonder of Christ’s birth, and others did not? Why were the lives of some changed by the coming of the Messiah, while others were not? In our day, why do some love and adore Him during this season while others do not?

I encourage you this Christmas season to take the time to turn down the noise of this world, find a quiet spot, and lose yourself in a passage of scripture about the incarnation, the first coming of Jesus (eg. Matthew 2; Luke 2; Philippians 2) . Spend time allowing the truth that God became a man to sink down deep into your soul. It will radically change your view of Christmas. If you don’t, you’ll be taking down your Christmas tree wondering where the season went and where the joy of the season was. Silence the frenzy of the season; remember the wonder of His birth.