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I am rejoicing in what God did Monday night in our small group Bible Study.

We recently started a Bible study in our home for our college and career members.  Tonight we had three visitors, making a total of six young singles. This meeting has great potential.  This type of Bible study made a huge impact on me when I was a teen.

I look forward to having lunch today with the man who led the Bible study that I was a part of as a teen, Rev. Guy Roberts.  I plan to write about what I learn through our conversation.

Small group Bible studies offer something that some other platforms don’t:

  1. Personal interaction around God’s Word.
  2. A sense of togetherness.
  3. A vulnerability that is a catalyst for Word-based change.

Have you been impacted by a small group Bible study?  How did it impact you?  What are some other advantages of small group Bible studies?