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As a man who is a professional at stressing out my choir, I thought I would pass along to you the wisdom I’ve gained from this experience.

Here are 13 ways you can stress out your choir:

  1.  Come to rehearsal unprepared.
  2. Load their box full of music they won’t use.
  3. Don’t have a song schedule.
  4. Never laugh at yourself.
  5. Allow a negative look to discourage you.
  6. Don’t stay upbeat.
  7. Never say “Good Job!”
  8. Change songs at the last minute.
  9. Criticize your pianist.
  10. Never pray with them about their needs.
  11. Make it all about practicing music with no relaxed moments of fellowship.
  12. Make it all about fellowship with no concentrated work on music.
  13. Come to rehearsal stressed about choir rehearsal.

So, along with my choir, I beg you to take some time to do a little planning, consider your choir member’s desires and capabilities, and stay calm yourself.

Help me out!  What are some other ways you can stress out your choir?