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You spend hours searching for the perfect song. Then, when you find it, it’s in the wrong key!  You’re leading the youth group in a worship service, and you know that no one is going to sing that high!

You could plug it into Finale, but you don’t have the time.  You could ask the pianist to transpose it, but she doesn’t do that.  What are you going to do?

Enter Song Select.  Know up front that this isn’t an affiliate post.  I have simply benefited from our church’s subscription to the service, and I highly recommend carving out room in your budget for this handy tool.

Song Select, a service of CCLI, gives you the capability to search their database for a song, and print off lyrics, lead sheets, vocal sheets, and chord sheets.  The licensing to do so is covered in your subscription cost.

The best thing about it?  You can choose which key to print it in.

At our ministry, we use it quite often in school chapels and church services.  For our high school chapels, we have a pianist and a guitar.  If the pianist is in Eb, I CAPO the guitar on the first fret and play in D.  We each print the music in our key, CCLI takes care of the licensing, and everyone wins.

We have also used it in our church’s orchestra for instruments that are keyed differently.

So, head on over to or and check out the cost for your ministry’s attendance, and work it into your next budget.  It’ll be worth it!

Have you ever used Song Select? What do you do when a song is in a difficult key, either the singers or instrumentalists? Comment below.