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Mr. James Horner,

I heard of the tragic plane crash that took your life.  I looked across the list of films you composed the score for, and I saw a spectrum of movies that bring back memories throughout my lifetime. My childhood in A Land Before Time, An American Tail, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and the Rocketeer; teen years in Braveheart – I never saw it, but its soundtrack was a favorite of mine. I’ll never forget the inspiration of the last scene of Glory. You captured the essence of John Nash’s struggle in A Beautiful Mind.

Your compositions have informed our feelings as we watched the stories of our generation.  We will never know how many hours you spent laboring over the perfect harmony to portray what was happening on the screen.

I’d like to say “Thanks.”  Thanks for the music. Thanks for the memories.

[Update: Check out Remembering James Horner, Who Made Movies Epic for some memorable movie moments and how his music created those moments

Horner, who died Sunday at age 61, will live on in his endlessly memorable scores.

Source: Remembering James Horner, Who Made Movies Epic | Vanity Fair]