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The Bible is full of both/and truths.

But we try to make them either/ or’s.

God is a Being who can have two seemingly contradictory truths exist together at the same time. For example, in our limited brains, our heads explode when we think of how Christ is both fully human and fully God.

Many debates in Christianity are attempts to make both/ and’s into either/ or’s.  We try to make God and His truth something we can wrap our minds around, and what results is an overemphasis on one side or the other.

But, if we allow the both/ and’s to stay in tension, instead of trying to get rid of the tension, we will be driven to wonder.

Because only an infinite Being who transcends our understanding deserves to be worshiped.

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When we try to make everything an either/or, we rob God of His glory.  Because only a both/and God who transcends our understanding can be great.

In your worship this weekend, know that God is big enough to confound our thinking.  Don’t let that frustrate you.  Let that drive you to worship.

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