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If you were to isolate the greatest challenges that face music ministries in the 21st century, at the top of the list would be the challenge of leading different generations to worship God together.

Some ministries split services.  Some adjust style to fit newer models.  Others want to hold to only older songs.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Zach Young, Pastor of Music and Worship at First Baptist Church in Jackson, TN.  We discussed his unique perspective on leading multi-generational worship.

We covered the place of musical style in congregational singing, tips for gauging singability, and song themes that connect with all generations.

So, I’m excited to share with you our second interview with effective music pastors!

Zach has been in Jackson for about six months, after several years in Lebanon, TN.  He’s an organ guy, and has a heart for leading his church in congregational worship. I enjoyed catching up with Zach, and I know you will get some valuable help here.

So, set aside the piles of music on your desk, grab your coffee, and join us for a talk with Zach Young.  It might not be what you expect.

The video is divided into three parts below.

Part 1 – Introduction and Initial Thoughts

Part 2 – Challenges for Leading Multiple Generations to Worship God

Part 3 – Solutions for Multi-Generational Worship

Full Audio

Download Here (right click, save link as)


 What You will hear:

Part 1

  • Does anyone in the younger generation enjoy singing hymns?
  • Are different styles necessary to help multiple generations worship God together.
  • What is the key to bridging the gap in a service.
  • What place does style have in bridging the gap?
Part 2
  • Do certain themes connect with certain generations?
  • What theme connects with all generations?
  • What are the challenges facing churches in multiple generations worshiping together?
  • What we typically base our preferences on.
Part 3
  • What are some solutions to the challenges of multiple generational worship?
  • Some good indicators of singability.
  • What is the place of deep theology in helping the generations sing together?
  • How you can still use the organ to support congregational singing. (Zach is an organ guy.)
  • An awesome resource that will allow you to project lyrics and music for unfamiliar songs.
  • Zach’s answer to the question, “What one thing can we do as church musicians and music leaders to lead church music with skill and authenticity?”
You tell me…

How does your church help older and younger generations worship God together?  

Resources mentioned:

  1. Digital Songs and Hymns – – purchase and display on the screen music notation for songs. The best of both worlds – they hymnal and the screen.

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