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I love being in music ministry!  One reason is because there are times in planning the worship schedule when it’s obvious that God’s fingerprints are on the service.

Flute and Music

Here’s what I mean.  There is a tension in music ministry that exists that every music minister is aware of.  (By tension, I don’t mean something negative, but I mean two principles that exist at the same time that could be thought of as opposing principles, but actually exist in harmony).  It is the tension between good planning and God’s providential hand.

This week we had revival services at Eastside.  We had planned a schedule of special music and choir numbers for each service, Sunday through Wednesday. Due to circumstance beyond anyone’s control, we had to move the Monday special to Wednesday.  At the same time, a lady in our church who was scheduled to play a piano offertory Wednesday asked me if she could add a flute player.  They played a song that they were scheduled to play later this month.

All that to say that I had a plan, and God adjusted it through circumstances.  I had a schedule, but things changed, and that was ok.

What came about because of this schedule change was that the offertory and the special number were put back to back, and the two songs were “Down from His Glory” and “He Still Came,” both about the incarnation of Christ.  Because they were back-to-back, and were along the same theme, everyone’s attention was more acutely focused on Christ’s coming to earth.  Presenting them consecutively emphasized the message even more than if they were presented alone. God was glorified and hearts were touched.

When I see these things happen, I can’t help but give God the glory for what takes place in our services!  His fingerprints on our service show me that it’s not what any of us do, but what God does that gets the glory!

None of us like last minute changes.  But God has bigger plans than what we could ever organize, and God often uses life circumstances to change our plans so that He can use the ministry we are a part of effectively in speaking to hearts. Whether you are one who makes the schedule plans or you are one who sings in the specials, trust God to use the changes for even better purposes.

Make plans, and trust God when they change.

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