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I am a twenty-something.  Psychologists are wanting to make a “new stage” (life stage) for me.  Society is wanting to redefine what it means for me to be a person in my twenties.

Many people in my age bracket are not deciding on a life focus, life mate, or life purpose.  We are known for being floaters and nomads.

The problem with this “phenomenon” is that life comes to us just once.  Once this decade of life is passed, it can’t be reclaimed.

Two of my friends (who are in their twenties) posted thoughts that, though not directly about this issue, have bearing on the issue:

  1. Matt McMorris posted an article entitled “Time Flies”.  In the post, he challenges us to make the most of today for Jesus.
  2. Trent Cornwell posted this tweet recently: “Sometimes I hide from today’s work by dreaming about tomorrow’s accomplishments. Then I find today’s work follows me into tomorrow & chases away the potential they day held.”

Let me echo what my friends have said.  We tend to not make the most of today.  We tend to shrug the responsibilities of today in hopes for something better.

We like to have the easy route.

The temptation for us young guys is to chase every new opportunity and anything that promises new thrills or a unique way.  We tend to think that our current responsibilities are too hard or demanding, and we need to find something that is easier.

When we chase after everything new, we risk spending a decade or more of our lives chasing peripherals rather than doing what counts.

We should pray for discernment in our lives.

We need the ability to see beyond today for the purpose of understanding the results of today’s actions, but we cannot overlook the fact that today’s actions have bearing on tomorrow.  

We should ask God to help us do something today that is eternal.  We must seek His strength to accomplish His will today.

We should pray, Lord, please help me today to do what is eternal in nature.  Help me to sift through the expedient for the long-term.  Help me not to chase trends.  Help me to take actions today that will invest in eternity.

That is what we as Christian “twenty-somethings” should pray.

But what about our culture?  What about other people in their 20s?  What can we do to help give purpose and meaning to those that we come in contact with who are in our age bracket?  Please comment below.