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The following quote impacted me as I read it last year.  I have been reminded of it recently.  It is easy to neglect the most important things.  I mentioned this lesson in a previous post.

“It occurred to me one day that my most important time allocations had something in common.  They never screamed out immediately when ignored.  I could neglect my spiritual disciplines, for example, and God did not seem to shout loudly about it.  I could make it just fine for a while.  And when I did not allocate time for the family, Gail and the children were generally understanding and forgiving…And when I set study aside as a priority, I could get away with it for a while.  These things could be ignored for a while without adverse consequences.  And that is why they were so often crowded out when I did not budget for them in advance.  Other less important issues had a way of wedging them aside week after week.  Tragically, if they are neglected too long, when family, rest, and spiritual disciplines are finally noticed it is often too late for adverse consequences to be avoided.” Gordon MacDonald. Ordering Your Private World. p. 98-99. emphasis mine.

Have you found it hardest to plan time for the most important things? How have you guarded time for your priorities?