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Do you remember as a kid? You went into a revolving door with your dad and wanted to keep going around?

photo credit: bistockphoto | @chuyu

photo credit: bistockphoto | @chuyu

What was fun as a kid isn’t so much fun as a music director.

For the last two months, I would guess that your music ministry has felt a bit like a revolving door.  One choir this week.  A different group of people the next.

Everyone welcomes the break that the summer months give to families.  But it can take its toll on a church choir or praise team.  If you’ve continued the rehearsals through the summer, much needed vacations and camps have taken your people out of town.

What can you do to rally everyone to the well-oiled machine you had going by the end of last year?  Or, if last year’s ministry left a lot to be desired, how can you be sure that this year starts off on the right foot?

You need to plan a music ministry kickoff.

I picked up this idea from James Koerts, who I consider to be a mentor.  Now that I’ve implemented it, I wouldn’t want to start a music ministry season without it.

For the third year in a row, we have held a Music Ministry Kickoff of some kind. The value gained from these events is priceless.

Why go to the trouble of having a music ministry kickoff?

Starting Point – Whether your choir continued through the summer or took a break, a kickoff gives a clear jump off point for your music ministry.

Create Momentum – If done well, the kickoff can set the pace for the season, building excitement for what’s ahead.

Evaluation – In preparation for this event, you have the opportunity to review last year and see what went well and what didn’t go so well.  Take note of what went wrong and what went well.

Adjustments – We could also call this housecleaning. The kickoff gives you an opportunity to make a clear cut start over if something didn’t go well last year. You can take any insights gleaned from evaluating last year and set up processes that will correct those frustrations or address needed improvements.

Cast Vision – At the kickoff, you have the opportunity to share with your musicians where the Lord is directing your heart for the coming year’s ministry. You have a chance to give a taste of what’s coming.

Community – The music ministry kickoff gives your musicians a chance to bond with each other.  This fellowship could have more of an impact than anything else you do (Let’s face it. Some people are in the choir for the fellowship.)

On Friday, we’ll get into a bit of how you can prepare yourself for this kickoff.  If planned and executed well, it can set your music ministry up for success.

Action item:  It’s not too late to schedule a music ministry kickoff for this year, even if you do it late August.  Speak with the one who makes calendar decisions, if it’s not you, and pick a date today!

Have you held a music ministry kickoff?  What would you add to this list? Comment here.

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