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You have most likely come across at least 5 to 10 new years goal posts.  It’s that time of year – a time that naturally lends to reflecting on last year and making plans for the coming year.

There are a lot of great voices on new year plans.  My goal in this post is not to add to the voices talking about how to make goals and stick to them.  I simply want to offer you one thought.

It’s about “the progress of elimination.”

The productivity experts typically have an elimination step.  And rightfully so, because life tends toward clutter, and that includes our plans, goals, and schedules.

One of the best opportunities this season provides is the chance to decide what’s going to go.  It’s the “out with the old” part of the maxim.

What will you NOT do this year?  What has been taking away from the more important aspects of your life?

Is there a good goal that will conflict with a greater goal?  Does the lesser goal need to wait until another season of life?

Many times, we have good goals, but we aren’t progressing because we have overloaded life.

Before you move forward with your goals, what if you were to eliminate first?

Eliminate the excess. Then progress.

May you have a great new year!  And Happy 2016.